Gain a clear vision for your life and build a plan to achieve it.

Hero On A Mission

Create A Meaningful Life

Whether you realize it or not, you're the hero of your life's story. But not every hero knows what their super powers are or how they want to use them for good. The 'Hero On A Mission' workshop is designed to help you clarify a vision for your life and build a plan to achieve it.


The 4-hour workshop is made for small business owners, CEOs, and leaders who feel like they’re drifting through life and not sure how to get back on track.

Upcoming Events

  • Sat, May 08
    Online Event via Zoom
    May 08, 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM PDT
    Online Event via Zoom
  • Wed, Sep 22
    Online Event via Zoom
    Sep 22, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Online Event via Zoom
  • Wed, Dec 15
    Online Event via Zoom
    Dec 15, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Online Event via Zoom

So how do you reach peak performance as a hero?

You need a plan and a daily routine that keeps you on track.


Create a life plan that gives you a deep sense of meaning and purpose – one that leads to a life of prosperity


Make progress on your life’s most important projects with tools to measure your progress


Remain focused and always moving forward with the last daily planner you’ll ever need.


Access a free library of over 20 courses, and continue to grow personally and professionally

The Hero On A Mission workshop teaches you how to operationalize 4 key tactics that every good hero uses.

Join Me For 1 Day and Change Your Life Forever

All workshops will be hosted virtually on Zoom.

Attend one of four workshops this year:


  • March 24th

  • June 23rd

  • September 22nd

  • December 15th

Time Commitment: 8am – 12pm

1-time Cost: $500


Meet Your Guide

Hi there, I’m Ian and I’ll be your guide for the Hero On A Mission workshop.


As the founder of UNINCORPORATED, a branding, marketing, and design agency in Los Angeles, and a certified Business Made Simple Coach, I help business owners, CEOs, and leadership teams grow their brands, launch products and services, and increase their company’s profitability.


I’m thrilled to help you clarify a vision for your life and build a plan to achieve it!

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